About – Wedding Videographer

“Everytime I watch our video, I’m in awe of how talented you truly are. I’m so happy to know you! No one could have done¬†close to what you did. It was excellent, as are you!”

– Angie, Austin

My name is Adam Grumbo and I am a videographer, cinematographer and filmmaker living in Austin Texas. I graduated from the University of Colorado, in Colorado Springs, and have been making films for 10 years.

I travel all over the country and world shooting videos and films. I shoot films to tell stories, touch lives and enrich relationships.

In addition to making films, I love a vast variety of different hobbies. From broadway musicals, to building props and costumes, there’s nothing better than finding a hobby and making life long friends. That’s why we’re here isn’t it? To create relationships and life long bonds? I sure hope so.