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Cliff diving in Cabrera

Cliff Jumping – El Saltadero Waterfall Cabrara

Add to the excitement of your wedding day with a cliff diving trip to El Saltadero waterfall in Cabrera, Dominican Republic. You’ll be amazed as locals brave the heights and dive from the cliff just as you’ll love watching the crystal water tumble down the gorgeous rocks into a pristine natural pool below.
El Saltadero Cabrera top
It’s quite a thrill to see and hear the rushing waters of El Saltadero, mixed with the lush foliage of the surrounding forest. This secluded spot gives you a feeling of privacy and intimacy desired during your wedding excursion, without seeming too remote. Special moments are easily had at El Saltadero, a place where fun and fantasy meet.
El Saltadero Cabrera poolLocals make sure your wedding party feels safe and secure when visiting this magical waterfall, showing you how to carefully navigate down the slippery rocks into the waters below. If you’re up for new adventures and stunning secret locations, El Saltadero is especially for you. Leap to new heights with the one you love in this perfect naturescape.
El Saltadero Cabrera


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