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Caves of Los Haitises

Los Haitises Destination Excursion Dominican Republic

Add magic and mystery to your destination wedding at Los Haitises in the Dominican Republic. Los Haitises, meaning ‘land between mountains’, offers wedding parties a chance to explore the breathtaking water caverns surrounded by miles of untouched forests of the Caribbean. This spectacular mixture of water, land and rocks creates a truly unique backdrop to your special day.
los haitises birds
Guests can take in the scenery and learn about the history of this magnificent place with a guided boat tour of the caverns and forest. The knowledgeable guides are equally charismatic, providing facts of the area with a sense of humor. Wedding parties will love the opportunity to wander through the ancient caverns, adding a  sense of timelessness to an important moment in their lives.
Lost Haitises tour boat
There are plenty of excellent photo ops at Los Haitises, so be sure to bring your favorite camera and waterproof case to protect it from the elements. You’ll be exposed to nature like you’ve never seen it before and you won’t want to miss a second of it. The brisk sea wind through your hair, the golden sun on your skin and the soothing calls of the island birds all come together during an unbelievable outing to Los Haitises.
Los Haitises cave


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