Why Should you Hire a Videographer for your Wedding?

Why is wedding videography all of a sudden the new great thing for weddings?

Modern wedding couples have more recently been booking wedding videographers in addition to the typical wedding photographer. This is mostly due to the fact that modern cinematographic videographers are making wedding films, not simply recording wedding videos.

Well, what’s the difference you ask? Gone are the days of a simple camera set up at the back of a church with Uncle Ferdinand going crazy with the zooming. Now we’re able to use near Hollywood quality video and audio equipment to capture the true atmosphere of the day in glorious 1080p. Since the advent of digital and tapeless formats, editing together stylized story telling films is now available to you, in a quality and experience that just wasn’t possible before. View some of the videos in the gallery to see what we mean.

Why should I book a videographer if I already have a great photographer?

Well, films can capture a lot more than just pictures. Video captures sounds, movements, actions and can be edited to recreate the real emotion of the day. With video, you get a chance to capture how your parents sounded when they tell a room full of guests just how proud they are of you. You get to see and hear how grandpa and grandma looked and sound when they dance together to their favorite song. These are events that you can take with you after your wedding day, and rewatch with your children, and one day your grandchildren, and they can experience exactly what it was like when you got married.